The Tough Brand Trilogy

By Rudo Botha

Much has been made in recent months about cutting costs, hunkering down and ‘just getting through’ the recession. But while employing such survival tactics is absolutely necessary in business, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that tough times also present an ideal opportunity to focus on the positive. In other words: to consolidate what you have and to invest in what is truly valuable.

And while many might be cutting back on marketing and branding activities, smart companies recognise the value of a strong brand. When Warren Buffet visited Germany in late 2008 to talk to investors about criteria for buying a company, he put a strong brand in first place.

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Inspiration is the New Investment

If businesses want to engage the new consumer, they need to reconsider innovation.

By Rudo Botha

The information revolution has produced a market in which consumers are ten times more informed, a hundred times more exposed and a thousand times more jaded. Never before has competitive edge been so important to the survival of businesses.

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Seeing the Bigger Picture

In the debate about what branding can do for business, some branding companies are quietly getting on with the job of redefining their role and delivering real results to the bottom line.

By Juliet Pitman

In a brave new age of branding and design, its been interesting to watch the shift brought about by business’ demand that creatives prove their ability to deliver tangible value to the bottom line. And it’s good to see the industry responding with creative solutions that push the boundaries and redefine the role that branding and design can play in business.

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Less and More are Relative

Differentiating your brand against a background of sameness is as much about understanding what’s out there as it is about looking inward.

By Olivier Schildt

As the economic downturn leads to budget cuts, particularly in the area of marketing and design, smart companies are asking how they can get the most out of their branding buck. It’s not just a matter of trying to cut costs; they realise that during difficult times it’s more important than ever to ensure that their brand stands out from its competitors. But in an environment that’s flooded with brands jostling for the same piece of the consumer attention pie, achieving this is not easy.

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The Power of Pull

Push marketing methods are no longer delivering the goods, and savvy marketers are coming to understand the importance of pulling their audiences in.

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