Aluminium’s cool for Coca-Cola

CLUB Coca Cola launched over the festive season with very trendy packaging for a trendsetting market.

Lovebeing is the first CLUB Coca-Cola bottle design to be launched in South Africa. It’s one of five specially designed, limited edition, contour-shaped aluminium Coca-Cola bottles to be launched over the next few months.

These CLUB Coca-Cola bottles are printed with designs in ultraviolet ink (so they glow if the lighting’s right), and have been created by five of the world’s leading design agencies, tagged the M5 (Magnificent 5) by the soft drink brand. The M5 consists of the Designers Republic (Europe); MK12 (North America); Lobo (South America); Caviar (Asia) and Rex & Tennant McKay (Africa). The latter is a South African design agency.

The designs had to reflect the theme of optimism and a better world. The design houses also produced an animated movie and VJ (Visual DJ) clip, to be used when launching the bottles in nightspots.

The first edition of the CLUB Coca-Cola series (LoveBeing, produced by Designers Republic) will be available in Cape Town’s premium clubs from early January. Durban and Johannesburg will be launching the next CLUB Coca-Cola design – Lobo – in February 2006.


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