‘Start Something’ with Global Access

Global Access has recently adopted the phrase ‘start something’ as its positioning statement in a recent extensive rebranding exercise. The management team, headed up by Rick Grantham and Ronnie van Wijk, decided in April this year to re-examine the positioning of the company in the marketplace, and to apply some traction to the business after their acquisition some two years ago.

Global Access is the multi faceted provider of services relating to the Corporate, Television and media industries. Whilst it has successfully grown the core business of providing internal corporate media and communication via its encrypted satellite TV channel on DStv’s commercial bouquet as well as providing studio facilities for a number of television productions, Grantham and van Wijk believed it was time for a change.

“We want our brand to reflect our capabilities,” says Grantham, “Whereas in the past our brand image was smaller than what we were capable of delivering – in branding speak our brand is now equal to or bigger than our capabilities. Our reputation was ‘the best kept secret’ and we now need a brand that will pull us into the mainstream.”

They contacted REX creative, founded in July 2004, by Olivier Schildt and Rudo Botha. REX engages in strategic brand development, with design as their core asset. Botha, who comments: “In this case you have two very clever guys with great ambition and they have climbed into this business which has a lot of potential but it is struggling to show that potential. We tend to look at the business from an outsiders perspective so our role does in fact become a bit of a business consultancy – but through design because at the end of the day we know we have to deliver a design result. It’s not just the visual matter that you end up with (the logo) its more about changing the mindset that should drive the business.”

Adds Grantham. “Out of this came the concept of ‘start something’ which is an exciting catch phrase to bring the ethos of this company into a whole new world. We want to show potential clients that we can help them deliver whatever it is they need – we want to encourage them to ‘start something’.”

What’s the single thing you offer the world? was the question asked in a brainstorm session when coming up with the new concept. The answer,” according to Botha, is that using Global Access one can take your message from one to many, instantly. “ You drop a pebble in a pond and it will ripple ad infinitum, so we considered the ripple effect important and incorporated this aspect in our re-branding. Similarly, a broadcast message is extremely powerful – but the ripple effect this has through a community or organisation is even more impactful. We also felt that the name Global Access should remain – it’s not the name that is wrong but what you do with it. The core of the new logo is a G created from a Mobius strip – demonstrating simplicity with multi-dimensional depth. It feels right for the business!”

GA’s core business emanates from three essentials: Content, Delivery and Media and from these come two fundamental product categories – the Services Hub and Private Media Networks.

“The services hub” says Grantham “includes all the services offered to the television production and broadcasting industry, which may include everything from channel packaging (like Saffron TV) to studio facilities. Private Media Networks means we are able to provide and establish dedicated Private Media Networks to reach any chosen audience driven by a range of options and solutions. These may range from private DStv corporate broadcasts to digital signage networks and may include innovative technologies such as video to mobile phones and interactive TV.

The ‘start something’ catch phrase covers three key elements, he explains:

Start Reaching Further: With the resources and facilities we have available to us we are able to devise, develop, produce and transmit any form of live, pre-recorded and even realtime interactive programming.

Start Breaking Boundaries: Nothing beats face to face communicating. We can deliver this to a TV at home, a screen in a corporate assembly area, a private or public exhibition or even on a mobile phone.

Start Real Interaction: Using our InLive phone response system you can have realtime interactive engagement with your audience which provides instant and valuable feedback.

Check out the new look website for more: www.globalaccess.co.za.


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